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RP75 (72R) Piston Compressor 115Volt


RP75 (72R) Piston Compressor

3/4HP replacement aeration compressor 115Volt

Airmax SilentAir RP75 (72R) 3/4 HP Rocking Piston Compressor is a replacement motor for the Airmax PS40, PS80, and LS60 Aeration Systems. This highly efficient compressor produces up to 5.8 CFMs at 5.3 running amps while costing just $30.72 a month. Design features SmartStart Technology that protects the compressor during pressurized restarts following power supply interruptions. Available in 115 or 230 volts. Aeration Manitoba

Tech Specs

Compressor 3/4 HP Dual Piston
Model 72R
Voltage 120V or 230V
Max Diffuser Depth 50 Feet
Max CFM 5.8
Running Amps 5.3 or 2.7
Monthly Operating Cost (24/7) $61.44
Replacement Unit For PS40, PS80, LS60
Warranty 1 Year

*Monthly Operating Cost was calculated at $0.07 per kilowatt hour. Please note that costs will vary depending on location.