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Replacement Capacitors (Airmax Compressors)


Extend the life of your RP25 (87R), RP50 (87R) or RP75 (72R) Piston Compressors by using replacement Airmax Capacitors. Capacitors may need to be replaced when your compressor will no longer start without assistance or if your capacitor wiring is frayed, worn or has a poor connection.

510320 RP33 71R  1/3HP

510321 RP25 74R 1/4HP

510404 RP33 82R  1/3HP

510405  RP50 72R 1/2HP

510407 RP25 & RP50 ¼ & ½ HP

510408 RP75 72R  ¾ HP


For troubleshooting call our Certified Repair Technician 204-745-6898