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Complete Medium Dugout Kit


Save over $150 TODAY compared to individual purchases when you buy a Complete Medium Dugout Kit!

Skip the trouble of finding a treatment plan for your dugout when you get this all-in-one kit. We've bundled our most effective, all-natural treatments with an Airmax aeration system to provide your pond with everything it needs to thrive. 

Recommended for dugouts up to 1/4 Acre

What's Included?

8 LBS CWP Lake Clarifier

Removes harmful organic materials & noxious odors from your pond

4 LBS CWP Muck Eliminator

Reduces hydrogen sulfide ("rotten egg") smell & removes up to 3ft of organic muck per year

8 LBS (16 Scoops) EcoBoost

Provides your other treatments the micronutrients they need to fight off your water problems

3.78 L (1 Gallon) True Blue Pond & Lake Dye by Crystal Clear

Acts like sunglasses for your pond, giving it a beautiful blue tint & reducing UV rays entering the water, slowing aquatic plant growth

1x Airmax PS10 Aeration System

Provides dissolved oxygen to your pond, which is vital for your pond's health