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Pond Oxygen Cleaner


Pond Oxygen Cleaner

This dissolvable no-mess formulation brings safe and powerful oxygen-based cleaning to your pond, fountain, waterfall or other water feature. This formula is essentially a powdered peroxide that targets multiple pond problems when it hits the water. 


  • Removes debris
  • Removes dead algae
  • Safe for fish, aquatic life
  • Cleans rocks, waterfalls, pond liner
  • Powerful oxygen cleaning
  • Fast-Acting!
  • Removes suspended organic debris


  • Backyard ponds
  • Koi ponds
  • Fountains
  • Watergardens
  • Waterfeatures
  • Birdbaths
  • Pond Liner

Product Features

  • Easy to apply powder
  • Safe for fish/aquatic life
  • High concentration for fast-action
  • No harm 
  • 3 sizes available: 1kg, 5kg or 10k

How it Works
Pond Oxygen Cleaner is a specialized formula similar to peroxide. As it hits the water and becomes liquid, it breaks down into 3 compounds. These compounds have anti-parasitic effects, helps prevent algae/weed growth and has sanitizing properties. Further, this formula releases oxygen as it breaks into oxygen during decomposition.

Application Rates
Your pond or water feature can be treated at the following rates:

  • 1kg: 80m2
  • 5kg: 400m2
  • 10kg: 800m2

Application instructions:
Sprinkle a thin layer of powder over problem areas (rocks, waterfalls, etc). When applying to waterfalls, turn off the pump to apply the product. Wait 15-20 minutes before turning the pump back on. The pH of the water should be monitored if fish or other aquatic life is present.
The application can be repeated as need or on a weekly basis as a preventative treatment

The application will increase pH - instructions must be followed carefully to ensure no harm to aquatic life.

The pond should be well-aerated after treatment to ensure oxygen levels are maintained.

CAUTION FOR FISH PONDS: Do not exceed 4kg per 100 cubic meters of pond water. If necessary to treat at this rate, spread treatment over multiple days