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NaturalClear Pond PLUS by Pond Pro


NaturalClear Pond PLUS by Pond Pro

NaturalClear Pond PLUS by Pond Pro is an All-Natural Pond Clarifier is our premium Canadian-made Bioremediation Product containing five species of bacteria designed to work in the harsh Canadian climate. This is our ultra-concentrated multi-species formula to work in most pond, lake and wastewater environments designed by our in-house biologists. This formula contains resilient bacteria that continue to multiply at temperatures as low as 3o Celsius. This product reduces COD, BOD, organic carbon, ammonium, nitrates, nitrites, phosphates, and even hydrocarbons. This bacteria product produces natural flocculents to clarify ponds, lakes, and wastewater.
  • Clarifies Water - Reduces murkiness & turbidity
  • Removes nutrients & sediments
  • Reduces phosphates
  • Removes odour
  • Reduces sludge & muck buildup
  • Reduces unwanted weed & algae growth
  • Breaks down organics
  • Lower pH for better irrigation water 


  • Ponds & Lakes
  • Dugouts
  • Drinking water reservoirs
  • Aquaculture
  • Irrigation Ponds
  • Golf Courses & Residential Developments
  • Preventative Treatment against
  • Filamentous Algae
  • Blue-Green Algae
  • Green Water (Planktonic Algae)
  • Duckweed

Product Features
Easy to apply
Small water-soluble packets "“ even dispersion ensured
Completely Natural & Chemical FREE
Safe for livestock & wildlife
Bacteria listed on Health Canada DSL List
Available in 2.5 Kg, 5 Kg or 12.5 Kg (100WSP, 200WSP, 500WSP)

How it Works

NaturalClear bacteria eat up dead vegetation and sludge that has built up in your pond. As these good bacteria multiply, they also consume nutrients and phosphates that algae and unwanted vegetation would otherwise thrive off of. Nitrates and Nitrites are also reduced by NaturalClear which releases it as nitrogen gas. As sludge and muck buildup is prevented, odour from the water is reduced

Pond or Pond PLUS Formula? Which one is right for you?
Pond Original Formula is sufficient for most ponds! We created the unique Pond PLUS formula to give our reliable formula an extra kick. It has double the concentration of bacteria as the original formula! If you have a problem pond or want to really help your pond stay clear and at its peak, we recommend using the Pond PLUS Formula.

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