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Fine Bubble Sub Surface Aeration


Fine Bubble Sub Surface Aeration

Why should you use Fine Bubble Sub Surface Aeration?  Many scientific documents show the fine-bubble subsurface aeration is superior to other types of aeration on today's market.  Aeration is key to creating a healthy pond, dugout, beach, or lake. However, not all systems are created equal! Our Airmax Fine Bubble Sub Surface Aeration system is second to none. It is the quietest on the market and has the most efficient diffuser plate. It mixes the pond from top to bottom which is highly recommended for success. It has a much higher oxygen transfer efficiency when compared to coarse bubble systems such as helix systems.

Rule of thumb: One plate per acre of water, provided it is over 8 feet deep. If your pond or dugout has an island or is irregularly shaped, more plates will be required.

Need 220 Volt? Call us- we have them! Or not sure what you need for your body of water? Call us 1-877-745-6898

 Fine Bubble Sub Surface Aeration in Canada!