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EcoSeries Floating Fountains - Stainless Steel Cord

Cord Length

EcoSeries Floating Fountains -Stainless Steel Cord

Ahhhh the beauty of floating fountains is incredible, especially when the water is pristine. These energy-efficient floating fountains are the best on the market. Simple to install and comes with 3 spray patterns - Classic, Trumpet, and Crown. This 1/2 HP system will outmatch any 3/4 & 1 HP systems that are on today's market.  

The EcoSeries Fountain operates in as little as 24" of depth and includes an energy-efficient 1/2 HP motor, 3 spray patterns, control panel and comes standard with 100" of a power cord. The Floating Fountains - EcoSeriesis also available in 150", 200", 250", 300", 350" or 400" power cord lengths and includes a 3 Year Warranty.

Power Cord Options

All Airmax floating fountains come with a standard power cord, however, if you have nuisance pond wildlife like beavers, muskrats or nutria that are notorious for chewing, you may want to explore our cord protection options. Replacement cards can be expensive and time-consuming so investing in cord protection is a great insurance policy for your fountain. Airmax power cords can be wrapped with our durable PolyFlex protective sheathing, or if you are looking for something more substantial we highly recommend the stainless-steel option for the ultimate power cord protection. 

Floating Fountain power cords

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LED LIghts are available too!  Do you want a stronger cord that is protected with stainless steel? We have them too, please call! 877-745-6898

Control Panel Options:

NEMA 3R Powder Coated Control Panel

Airmax NEMA 3R Powder Coated Control Panel allows you to run your fountain and fountain lights on a digital timer. This lockable, rain tight, 115V, NEMA 3R Rated Control Panel includes 2 individual 24-hour digital timers and GFCI's. Now you can program your fountain and lights to operate for a specific length of time, day or night. The enclosure measures 12" x 12" x 6" and is constructed of powder-coated carbon steel for superior corrosion resistance. 3-year warranty.

*For even more power, use the auxiliary power option that contains a separate GFCI and is not connected to the timers. This is a great option if you want to run an aeration system or other pond equipment 24/7, but still operate a fountain and lights on a timer.


Plug and Play Control Panel Option

The ETL listed Plug & Play Control Panel is designed for use with the 1/2 HP EcoSeries Fountain. The enclosure measures 9-1/2"H x 5-1/2"W x 4-1/2"D. Comes standard with a 1-year warranty.

Ready for Fountain & Light Set: This Control Panel includes two 115 volt outlets. One for aEcoSeries Fountain and one for a LED Fountain Light Set. Light sets sold separately.

Programmable 24-Hour Dial Timer: The dial and timer pins lets you run your fountain up to two cycles or for 24-hours, while a photocell will turn fountain lights on at dusk or off at dawn automatically.

Simple Installation: No hard wiring is required. Simply plug in the 24-inch power cord whip into a standard 110-volt outlet.

Ground-Fault Circuit Interrupter: Fast-acting circuit breaker which will shut off electrical power in the event of a ground fault.

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