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Can-Air Aeration Systems


Can-Air Aeration Systems

The Can-Air SS Pond or Lake Aeration system is one of the most efficient systems we sell.  Designed for Canada this aeration system lands upright when tossed into the pond or lake.  38% larger diffuser area than the competition.  
The NEW Can-Air SS diffuser offers the same reliable aeration system of the Can-Air diffuser but with a slightly smaller stainless steel base which is self-weighted for easy install
  • Durable Stainless Steel Base
  • Self-righting; just toss some hose in the water and then the diffuser 
  • No gravel needed in the base to sink it - just lower into the water
  • Easy to assemble and install
  • Made in Canada
  • No electricity in the water. This can be especially important where swimming is allowed.
  • No floating equipment at the surface. Boating is not hindered and the natural view of the lake can be enjoyed.
  • Can-Air Aeration will improve water quality by moving water slowly over the bottom substrate of the pond.  Phosphates are reduced by up to 95% in many cases.  
  • Can-Air systems can aerate for as little as is cost-effective to purchase and operate for larger surface areas. These systems can effectively de-stratify and aerate deep lakes with much lower equipment costs and energy consumption. Can-Air systems are the most efficient on the market.
  • Low maintenance. Most maintenance and inspection may be conducted onshore. Rocking piston compressors do not require internal maintenance as often as other compressors.
  • Can-Air Aeration Systems

**NOTE** For Warranty To Be Valid, All Systems Sold With No Cabinet Must Be:

A) out of the elements (snow, wind, dust)

B) be kept off the ground (on a shelf or post)

C) have a cooling fan blowing hot air AWAY from compressor out of the enclosure

 Advantages Of Using A Can-Air Aeration System

  • Made in Canada from family businesses.
  • Energy-efficient Tech-Aire piston compressor with an air inlet filter. One year standard warranty two-year warranty when purchased with cabinet.
  • Pond Pro weighted tubing
  • Can-Air diffuser Assemblies with weighted base.
  • All fittings and clamps necessary to assemble your system.
  • Multiple diffuser systems include a manifold with valves to control airflow to each diffuser.
  • 38% more diffuser area than most systems out there.

Our compressors and the associated cooling fans are available in 120 or 240 volt


If there is no aeration currently in your fish pond, the diffuser should be lowered roughly half the depth, and then slowly lowered all the way to the bottom over the next few weeks at a rate of 2 feet every other week until it is at the pond bottom

If the diffuser is lowered to the bottom right away you risk stirring up toxic gases that could kill your fish. Lowering it slowly over time will eliminate this risk

Systems come standard with our mounting shelf but can be ordered without a cabinet. Can-Air systems with one, two, or three diffusers can be housed in our post mounted cabinet.  Two of these systems can be mounted in back to back cabinets (preferred)

Can-air System

Surface Acres*
# of Diffuser Assemblies
Cabinet Options


1.6 max


Post Mount (PM)

No Cabinet (NC)

2.8 max
4.8 max

Post Mount (PM

No Cabinet (NC)


*Max area for one diffuser for circular shape pond min 8 feet deep.  For optimal water quality, we recommend one diffuser for every 150 feet diameter.

For ponds 16' deep multiply acres x 1.25

Sizing assistance available. Call us 877-745-6898 or email