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Airmax Remote Manifold Kit for PS80


Airmax Remote Manifold Kit for PS80

  • Works With Airmax® Aeration Systems
  • Use One Direct Burial Airline For Multiple Plates
  • Adjust Multiple Airlines At The Pond

The Airmax® Pond & Lake Remote Manifold Assembly Kit is a great addition to any aeration system that we sell when the power source is a long distance away from the edge of the pond. This pond air manifold kit will give you the ability to make airflow adjustments pond side so you can remain in view of the diffusers. All kits include a junction valve box, remote manifold, and necessary fittings to connect either 1" poly or PVC pipe.

*Please Note: The 8-Port PS80 System contains (2) 4-port PS40 Remote Manifold Kits and will require two runs of direct burial airline. One for each compressor.