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Koi Air 2 Water Garden Aeration


Koi Air 2 Water Garden Aeration

The Koi Air 2 Water Garden Aeration Kit provides powerful aeration to water gardens and features. Designed as a complete aeration solution, the Koi Air 2 contains everything you need to introduce aeration to large water gardens and features with a quick and simple installation. This system runs on 35 watts, is whisper quiet and costs very little to run. It comes with a heavy-duty flexible airline designed to sink to the bottom of the pond even when filled with air. The airline is extremely resistant to cuts, snags, and kinks for maximum performance.  Koi Air 2 Water Garden Aeration

Leave your aeration running and turn off your waterfall when you are not there to enjoy it. This will save you $$$ but yet keep your pond healthy!

Septic tanks - aeration combined with beneficial bacteria can vastly reduce the amount of sludge build-up in your holding tank reducing the need to pump it out. 

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Best Koi Air 2 Water Garden Aeration in Canada!