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MuckOff | Muck & Sludge Remover

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MuckOff tablets are comprised of natural bacteria and enzymes that sink to the bottom of the pond. They begin workin instantly to digest muck caused by dead algae, fish waste, leaves, and twigs accumulated on the pond bottom. MuckOff not only removes muck, but it also increases water clarity, removes odour, and reduces ammonia and nutrient accumulation.

Many ponds are constructed with rock and gravel that traps muck and odour causing nutrients. MuckOff penetrates spaces between rocks and deep cleans those areas that can't be reached by hand or a pond vacuum. Apply once a month when water temperatures are above 10°C for best results.

How to Apply

Add the appropriate number of tablets using the recommended dosage on the label, evenly dispersing them around your pond. They will instantly sink to the bottom of your pond and begin to dissolve.

When to Apply

Apply tablets once every four weeks for light muck accumulation. For heavy muck buildup, apply once every two weeks until desired results are achieved, then switch to once every four weeks.

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Reduce muck buildup in your pond with the all-natural MuckOff tablets, designed with bacteria and enzymes that work instantly to digest muck. Deep clean those hard to reach places routinely missed when cleaned by hand or pond vacuum!
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