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CWP Phosphate Binder | Beneficial Bacteria Booster | Pond Treatment

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Phosphates enter your pond or lake from leaves, grass clippings, twigs, fish waste, other organic matter, and storm runoff, which carries fertilizers and other contaminants that can begin to disrupt the natural aquatic ecosystem, causing poor water quality. High levels of phosphates can cause toxic algae blooms, rampant weed growth, and poor water quality. Unless phosphates are controlled, successful aquatic management is limited.

The natural phosphate binders in CWP Phosphate Binder work within the water column to bind excess phosphates quickly, safely and effectively making them unusable as a food source for algae and weeds, which clears up cloudy or murky water and restore your water health.


  • Enhances Pond Cleaner & Muck Remover Beneficial Bacteria
  • All-Natural Treatment That Instantly Binds Phosphate To Improve Water Quality & Clarity
  • Provides Trace Minerals For Aquatic Life
  • Clarifies Water Without Impacting Ph
  • Safe For Aquatic Life, Pets, Birds, Livestock, And Wild Life

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Excessive Phosphates Fuel Poor Water Quality and Algae Blooms. CWP Phosphate Binder is an all-natural treatment that instantly binds phosphate to improve water clarity and prevent algae blooms.
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