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As you can see, this pond suffered from floating algae.
The algae not only looked aesthetically unpleasing,
but it had a bad odor as well. However, with our products,
we were able to turn this pond back into a beautiful water
body. If you love the lovely blue color of the pond in the
right-hand picture, then go check out our pond dyes in our
catalog section. The pond dye used in this
picture was the Natures Blue liquid dye.
Look at this before and after picture!
This pond went from an unappealing swamp to a picture-perfect pond!
Pond Clear was the product that helped turn this pond entirely around.

We know every pond is unique and struggles with different issues.
This pond suffered from a combination of algae, aquatic weeds,
duckweed, and high muck levels. Therefore, we applied
MuckAway, Pond Clear and Pond Dye and now look at
the difference within only a few weeks!
This green film floating on the surface of the pond is not an alga, it's actually a floating-leaf aquatic plant called Common Duckweed. Common Duckweed flourishes in environments with slow-moving water and high nutrient levels. But don't worry, we have treatments that can help with these issues. Our first recommendation is to install aeration in your pond. Aeration helps increase dissolved oxygen levels and helps circulate the water which prevents the formation of Common Duckweed. Our second recommendation is to apply a product which reduces the available nutrients present in the water which the Duckweed depends on.


We love the look of our Natures Blue Pond Dye!
It can transform any body of water to make it look
picture perfect. Not only does it make a water body
look beautiful, but it also shields the water from UV rays.
This in turn, slows down aquatic weed growth and keeps
your pond water temperature colder which is beneficial for
the overall health of the pond.