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Pond Clear (Pond Logic)


Do you have murky green water? Or are you struggling to clear the algae from your pond or dugout? If you are, then we have a solution for you!  Pond Clear (Pond Logic) is a beneficial bacteria that consume nutrients and organics in the water column.  Without nutrients in the water, the algae have nothing to use to grow and flourish. This product comes in convenient water-soluble packets, making it easy to treat your pond. There's no need to cut, tear, or scoop Pond Clear (Pond Logic),  just throw the packets into your pond and let your water do the rest. When used in proper label directions Pond Clear (Pond Logic) is completely safe for your fish, plants, pets, and pond wildlife.

If you have high phosphorous in the water use EcoBoost with Pond Clear (Pond Logic)to really help kick start the clarifying process.

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