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Trout Pond Treatments | Fish Care

Many people love having their very own trout pond in their yard! Kids love it!  There are a few things you need to know. 

1) Depth - 15 feet or more is ideal

2) Aeration - is a must to overwinter them

3) Legal - it is illegal to import from other provinces or countries without a permit. Contact MB Sustainable Development to obtain a permit. Without regulation, you could inadvertently bring disease into the province and destroy our trout lakes!

4) Feed them Premium Trout Food to keep them healthy

Aeration Truly the key to improve your dugout!  Fine bubble aeration is the most efficient and cost-effective system. Improves water quality, clarity, and promotes healthy water for fish, pets, people, and livestock. 

1 plate system

1/4 acre pond 6- 9 feet deep
1/2 acre pond 9- 12 feet deep
1 acre 12+ feet deep

    2 plate system

    1/2 acre pond 6- 9 feet deep
    1 acre pond 9- 12 feet deep
    2 acre 12+ feet deep
      3 plate system

      1 1/2 acre pond 6- 9 feet deep
      2 acre pond 9- 12 feet deep
      3 acre 12+ feet deep


      Keep the water Healthy!

      Dosages based on 1/4 acre sized Dugout 

      Muck Away - Pelleted bacteria consume sludge which in turn reduces aquatic weeds.   Dosage: 1/2 lb treats 1000 sq feet and needs to be repeated every 2 weeks

      Pond Clear - reduces nutrients and organics in the water column and clears the water. Dosage: 2-3 packets per 2 weeks

      EcoBoost micronutrient for the bacteria which boosts it. Plus, it binds the phosphorous in the water making it unavailable for the algae and weeds to utilize.Dosage: 2 scoops mixed with pond water and spread into the pond

      Pond Dye - shades the water from the suns UV light. Dosage: 1/4  to 1/2 jug first treatment

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      Muck Away (Pond Logic)

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      Pond Clear (Pond Logic)

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      Muck Pellets by Pond Pro

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