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Total Lake Muck Away

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Do you have muck in your pond or along your cottage shoreline?  Muck is where the aquatic weeds grow, and leeches reside. Most people don't like stepping in the muck as it typically is along shorelines. Good news Muck Away is a pelleted form of beneficial bacteria that eats up the muck. When conditions are right, it can consume up to 12 inches in just one season!  This product comes in a powerful tablet designed to sink to the bottom of the pond. Therefore it fights the muck right at the source. Once the tablets sink to the bottom, they go to work to rapidly digest and transform the organic waste into an odorless gas that escapes unnoticed out of the water column. Total Lake Muck Away is a natural product; therefore when used in accordance with label directions it is entirely safe for your fish, plants, pets, and pond wildlife. The Total Lake Muck Away comes in a higher concentration than the normal Muck Away so it can fight high densities of muck quickly and efficiently!

This product comes in a 36 lb pail and can consume up to 2" of muck per month.

Note: Do you have a smaller area? Check out our regular MuckAway

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