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Large Pond, Lake Front and Dugout Treatments

This collection of pond treatments will provide you with the very best options to clear your pond, lakeshore, beach or dugout water.  Environmentally friendly pond treatments work to keep your water, algae free and visibly beautiful. Our sister company uses these products to treat ponds successfully, so we can sell these to you with full confidence that they really work!

Many new ponds look great until year 4 or 5 when all of a sudden algae and aquatic weeds explode in the pond, leaving the owner wondering what happened!  In a short order of time, the weeds and algae begin to grow then die and before you know it the growth is snowballing out of control. But dont worry, we have solutions!

We receive calls and emails from pond, dugout and lakeshore owners to receive recommendations on how to best treat their body of water. We need to know your pond or dugout size and depth and what products have been used previously. We know from hands-on experience what will work in your pond.   

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Total Lake Muck Away


Rapi Clear

From $29.55 - $98.52