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Natural Water Treatments for Ponds & Dugouts

Our Natural  Bacteria Treatments are environmentally friendly and effective. Beneficial bacteria species are naturally found in our environment so we are not introducing anything radically new.  Most of the bacteria species are aerobic which means they will work very quickly to consume the excess nutrients in the water in water bodies containing high oxygen levels. Algae require excessive nutrients to thrive so without the nutrients their growth is slowed. 

Our sister company uses these products when treating city retention ponds, lakes and dugouts and we have seen first hand how well they work. This gives us the confidence to sell you these products that truly work!

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Muck Away (Pond Logic)

From $154.99 - $499.99

Pond Clear (Pond Logic)

From $71.58 - $729.57

Clarity Max (Crystal Clear)

From $37.49 - $187.46

Pond Shock (Crystal Clear)

From $35.46 - $179.99

One Fix (Crystal Clear)

From $19.55 - $79.99

Muck Pellets by Pond Pro

From $214.99 - $849.99

Barley Extract

From $24.99 - $206.19