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Flush Pac For Septic Systems


Flush Pac


A septic backup is a costly, ugly, smelly mess. Excess solids in the septic holding tank can build up and cause unexpected backups and expensive repairs. When a backup happens, sewage and wastewater can enter your house through toilets, sinks, and drains. But by simply flushing one Flush Pac down your toilet each month, you can prevent septic repairs that may cost you thousands of dollars.

 How It Works

This product is full of specialized enzymes that begin working instantly to break down household waste in your septic tank while being safe for all pipes and septic tanks. This product contains three dissolvable packs and is, therefore, good for three months.

Airmax® FlushPACS™ prevents costly septic backups and repairs by using fast-acting enzymes to break down waste and reduce septic tank build-up. Just flush down the toilet to treat! Excess solids in a septic tank can lead to unexpected backups, expensive repairs, wastewater flooding, and seepage. No one wants to deal with that. Using just one FlushPACS™ each month can prevent problems that could cost thousands of dollars!

  • #1 value compared to 6 months of competitive treatments!

Use Instructions
Use Airmax® FlushPACS™ if you have a septic tank. FlushPACS™ contains enzymes to break down household waste without damaging your plumbing or septic tank. Flush one FlushPACS™ packet down your toilet per month. Each packet can treat up to a 1500 gallon tank.

Application Packets
Months of Treatment 3 Months
Shelf Life 2 Years