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Fountain Systems

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Fountains are a great way to add visual appeal to the landscape and the stirring water is relaxing and tranquil to hear. In addition to their aesthetic qualities, fountains also add a great deal of oxygen into the pond as the tiny droplets make contact with the air and fall back into the pond. But do pond water fountains provide enough aeration? Similar to choosing an aeration system, determining if a fountain is right for your pond will depend on the depth, shape, and size.


These systems automatically come with 3 spray patterns (shown with optional lights): 



2 Series to choose from:

Airmax® PondSeries 2 HP Fountains

Aerates Ponds up to 1 Acre
1/2 HP, 1 HP, 2 HP
3 Industry Leading Spray Patterns Included

NEMA 3R Powder Coated Control Panel
High Flow, Energy Efficient
Maintenance Free 230V Motor Design
Easy to Install & Maintain

Airmax® EcoSeries 1/2 HP Fountains

Aerates Ponds up to 1/4 Acre
1 HP
Operates in Just 24 Inches of Water!

Energy Efficient
Industry Leading Spray Patterns
Maintenance Free 115V Motor Design
Standard Plug & Play Control Panel
Easy to Install & Maintain
We are a CERTIFIED and trained service center for Airmax in Canada. 204-745-6898
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