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NO-OX Tin-Coated Marine Grade Wire

CLW102250 CAST #10/2 No-Ox 250 ft. Wire CLW102500 Cast #10/2 No-Ox 500 ft. Wire CLW12250 CAST #12/2 No-Ox 500 ft. Wire CLW122250 CAST #12/2 No-Ox 250 ft. Wire

Here at Pond Supply we only believe in providing the highest quality products. That's why we supply tin-coated marine grade wire, instead of copper wire. The following reasons are why we use tin coated wire instead of copper:

  • Tin wire is known to protect the conductor in the harsh outdoor environment.
  • Tin oxides maintain their conductivity
  • Soldering provides the most secure, corrosion-resistant splice points.


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