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Pond Dye (Pond Logic)


Want your pond to look picture perfect? Then you want to try this pond dye!

This dye is 4 times the concentration of normal dyes, therefore, a little of this dye goes a long way! Not only does this pond dye make your pond look beautiful but they also prevent UV rays from entering the water column. By preventing UV rays from entering the pond it helps to shade the pond, keeps water temperatures cooler and helps slow down aquatic weed growth.

The colour Black Dyemond creates a mirrored surface which beautifully reflects surrounding trees and natural rocky landscapes making it perfect for natural ponds in wooded areas.

If you want an easier application, go check out our water soluble dye packs or if you want a larger quantity check out our Natures Blue 1 gallon size, or get the best of both worlds and check out our Natures Blue Pond Dye PLUS 1 gallon size which contains dye as well as beneficial bacteria!


Pond Dye (Pond Logic)

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