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Bacteria Treatments | Water Treatments

Our selection of beneficial bacteria treatments are safe for pets, people and fish! Each formula is specifically designed to reduce nutrients and organics in the water resulting in clean clear water. Each gram has a minimum of 3 billion bacteria strains present and some have 5 billion, the high concentration and the selected strains is what sets this bacteria apart from others on the market. Our staff uses these formulas in the ponds we maintain and we know they work so well!

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CWP Muck Eliminator

From $137.99 - $542.99

CWP Lake Clarifier

From $137.99 - $542.99

Clarity Max (Crystal Clear)

From $37.49 - $187.46

Pond Shock (Crystal Clear)

From $35.46 - $179.99

Muck Off by CrystalClear

From $27.99 - $214.99

Barley Extract

From $24.99 - $206.19

Muck Out by Crystal Clear

From $189.95 - $599.89

Clear Out by Crystal Clear

From $179.99 - $629.99