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CWP Muck Eliminator


Muck Eliminator Tablets

Features & Benefits:

  • Removes Organic Muck & Waste
  • Removes Two Inches of Muck Per Month
  • Use In High Traffic Areas or Over Entire Lake Bed
  • Reduces Rotten Hydrogen Sulfide Odor
  • Helps Reduce Fish Disease & Foul Taste

Initial Application: 6 lbs. Per Surface Acre of Water

Maintenance Application: 2 to 3 lbs. Per Surface Acre Every 2 Weeks

Available Sizes: 4 lb. (Item#: 40.8213), 8 lb. (Item#: 40.8214), 24 lb. (Item#: 40.8215)

Also, check out this helpful Pond & Lake Microbe Application Calculator to find out how much treatment you'll need to use for your pond or dugout.