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Pond Dye

Pond dye is a water-soluble powder or liquid that is added to ponds to improve their appearance. The dye color can vary depending on the brand, but it is typically blue or green. The pond dye absorbs sunlight, which reduces the growth of algae and aquatic plants while providing shade & regulating body temperature.
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Pond dye is a great tool in your pond maintenance kit because it helps keep aquatic plant and algae growth under control while dying the water to perfectly fit into your outdoor living space. Pond dye acts like sunglasses to your pond water. It reduces the transparency of the water, reducing the amount of UV light that can be used by aquatic plants and algae for photosynthesis.

This reduces the growth of weeds and prevents the development of large algae blooms.Create a dreamy tropical getaway or add drama to your landscape with deeper and darker pond colours.

Select from various blue hues or black to find the perfect match for your outdoor living space aesthetic. All pond dyes we supply are environmentally safe and do not stain humans, animals, plants, or other objects found in your pond!
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