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Phosphate Binder

Phosphate Binder is an extremely effective tool to reduce algae bloom-causing nutrients from your pond. Using naturally occurring bacteria, Phosphate Binder is safe for the environment and the aquatic life living in your pond.
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Particulate organic matter, phosphate, and other excess nutrients that stimulate algae growth bind with Phosphate Binder and sink to the bottom of your pond. This helps improve water clarity and decrease the risk of future algae problems that affect many nutrient rich ponds. Not only are organic matter and nutrients reduced in your pond, but Phosphate Binder contains trace minerals that are important to fish and other aquatic life.

Phosphate Binder also helps stimulate other beneficial bacteria-containing treatment products that you may use. All beneficial bacteria used are naturally found in the pond environment, and as such, are safe to use in your pond.

Take control of unsightly, smelly, and potentially dangerous algae blooms in your backyard pond, retention pond, fish pond, or dugout with Phosphate Binder.
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