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Weed Rake

A weed rake is a device used to remove unwanted plants from an area. It is often used in ponds and lakes to remove aquatic weeds. The weed rake has teeth or tines that grab the plant and pull it out of the water. Some weed rakes are designed to cut the plants as well, making them easier to remove.
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We offer two different Weed Rake models: non-collapsible and collapsible for easy storage. Weed Rakes have the capability to reach up to 45 feet into the water to retrieve aquatic weed cuttings. It is great for removing surface weeds, submerged weeds, and debris.

When aquatic weeds are not removed from the body of water, they decay and contribute to muck buildup at the bottom of your pond. Muck can facilitate the growth of more aquatic vegetation which lowers the water quality in your pond. Using a Weed Rake is an easy way to limit this growth and keep your pond clear and clean.
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