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The aquasweep is a high-velocity propulsion system meant to clear muck and debris from a water body. Keep your canals, ponds, waterfront, or dock area clean with the Aquasweep.
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The Aquasweep is excellent for keeping muck levels at bay along the bottom of a water body. Muck enhances aquatic weed and algae growth, is uncomfortable to walk through, and is home to leaches and other frustrating species that may affect your swimming experience.

The unit can be mounted on a dock or be freestanding. The aquasweep pump creates a strong current that lifts muck from the bottom sediment and suspends it into the water column. When combined with beneficial bacteria like Pond Cleaner and Muck Remover, it will facilitate the bacteria to rapidly break down the muck. An oscillator can be installed on the pump to move in a semi-circle.

Contact us today to start reducing muck levels in your water body to make your swimming experience more enjoyable!
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