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Spotlights may be referred to as directional lights in the landscape lighting world. They are the most versatile light; able to create many different effects in the landscape. Quite often, they are used for up-lighting trees and other key features like cross-lighting hedges, fences, statues, water features and more. They can also be used on the front of your home to illuminate it for curb appeal and safety. Small features, statues, bubbling rocks etc., also can be lit using spotlights.
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Our outdoor spotlights come in a variety of sizes, materials and capabilities including copper, bronze, and PVC lighting. Select spotlights are equipped with Bluetooth capabilities to control turning your lights on/off and changing the colour settings to reflect holidays or just because.

Keep in mind that spotlights come in varying brightness and spread to provide a perfect fit for your dream landscape. Our team is delighted to help you select the best lights to highlight your favourite features and create the outdoor space you fantasize about.
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