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Bamboo Lights

Bamboo lights have a minimalistic yet intricate design that brings subtle beauty to your landscape design. A well-lit exterior is just as important as a well-lit interior. It brings life, relaxation, and character to your outdoor space.
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Our beautifully designed 2 Watt Bamboo Lights will illuminate your outdoor space while integrating into and enhancing the landscape with swathes of light. These fixtures are quite slim which allows them to stand out or blend into any outdoor space. They perfectly meld into the natural surroundings, creating a soft ambient light.

Our bamboo lights are available in two heights, 36” and 44”. These lights are anti-glare, integrated with a 1LED Nichia Chip and equipped with a light base aluminum with a glossy gold finish. Bamboo lights are very lightweight, allowing for easy installation and incredible placement versatility. Casting your outdoor space with the right lights is an art more than a decision. Allow the bamboo lights to add to your exterior in a way that creates your preferred ambiance and atmosphere.
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