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Stone Fountain

A stone fountain is a fountain made out of natural stone or fiberglass enforced stone shell. The stone can be marble, granite, onyx, limestone, sandstone, or even concrete. Stone fountains are usually very ornate, and can be freestanding with pebbles covering its basin. They are often used as decorative features in gardens or public parks.
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Create soothing sounds and bring captivating movement to your space with stone fountains. Stone fountains are best used in your outdoor living space, to accentuate the exterior entrance of your home, or you may opt to install a stone fountain indoors.

The fountain boulders come as either natural stone or can be manufactured. Natural stone boulders are incredibly durable as they are true solid stone, thus creating a strikingly natural and impressive look when added to an outdoor space. The hand-crafted, manufactured boulders have the natural beauty of real rocks, with the added benefits of more durability with less weight.

Stone fountains are easy to install and provide a natural feel to every setting. The fountain will attract birds and other wildlife, adding biodiversity to your landscape. The natural stone fountains are unique and one of a kind that adds beauty and splendour to any landscape. The relaxing sound of water helps relieve stress and drown out undesirable outdoor noise. Feel as though you’ve been transported to an outdoor oasis when listening to the relaxing sound of water moving gracefully over the stone face.

Placing your stone fountain indoors also comes with ample benefits. Indoor stone fountains can reduce stress, increase air quality, and create relaxing white noise throughout the home. These fountains are very easy to maintain making them an ideal addition to any indoor or outdoor space.
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