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Copper Fountain

Enhance and beautify your outdoor living space with our unique copper fountains. The copper fountains come in several shapes, designs and sizes. From a tall weeping willow to an iris flower fountain, there is almost certainly something that will suit your space. Our copper water fountains are crafted by hand and made using heavy-duty copper to withstand even the harshest environments. Regardless of long winters or tropical summers rest assured that you will be able to enjoy the fine craftsmanship of our copper fountains for many years.
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The intricacies of creating a piece that not only stands the test of the elements but also delivers an awe-inspiring focal piece is truly something you can be proud to showcase. No two pieces found on these ornamental structures are identical.  Each element of the copper fountains has been sculpted, hand-cut and hand-made, from the base down to the small detailed work of the leaves. Unique does not even begin to cover it.  

Not only are these fountains a sight to behold, they are also incredibly easy to install and maintain. Each fountain kit comes with the copper fountain, a 48″ achelous Basin, an energy efficient Pump, a stainless steel pump bag and all necessary plumbing & tubing. Add water to the basin, attach your fountain and watch as your space comes to life both during the day and at night as water droplets shimmer on each leaf as they fall to the ground.

Look forward to creating sounds of tranquility, movement and a breathtaking visual within your outdoor paradise.
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