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Garden Rocks

If you are looking for a natural feel for your pond and would like to enhance your outdoor area while hiding unsightly pond equipment, then these decor rocks are what you need to create the nature scape of your dreams!
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Decor rocks are a beautiful addition to any landscape. These stones come in several shapes and sizes allowing them to be an addition to any pond scape. They can be used to hide unwanted items within the landscape, including septic tanks and mini aeration systems such as the Koi Air aeration systems. The rocks for the aeration systems have vent holes to allow the system to breathe.

Choose from two styles of decor rocks: boulder style or flat rocks. Boulder Styles are available in Sandstone or Greystone patterns and come in a variety of sizes from mini to large. Flat Rock Styles are also available in Sandstone or Greystone and come in a range of sizes from mini-large.

Our decor rocks are durable, weather-proof, and visually pleasing. Constructed from rugged fibreglass materials, decor rocks not only look like real rocks, but they are as strong as them too! With such a natural and realistic look, you would swear that these were real rocks. Decor rocks protect equipment and blend seamlessly into the landscape. Each faux rock is vented to allow heat to escape and keep the concealed equipment cool. Decor rocks are lightweight and for this reason, extremely portable and maneuverable.
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