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Why STOCK TANK DEFENSE is Essential for your Livestock's health!

Posted on February 19 2019

Why STOCK TANK DEFENSE is Essential for your Livestock's health!

Here at Pond Supply, we understand how vital your livestock or farm animals health is to you. Many farmers go above and beyond to ensure their animals are being taken care of as quickly and effectively as possible. But we know a lot of farmers don't have the time to ensure everything from healthy food, maintenance and clean water can all be accomplished during super busy times of the year.

We know that you want to provide the healthiest and cleanest water for your animals, but it takes a lot of time and effort to empty, wash and refill the water troughs every couple days.  Also, it seems the troughs are always covered in that green slime and algae, no matter how often you clean it. Like we said, a lot of you simply don't have the time to clean them even though you very much want to provide healthy drinking water for your animals.

It has been found that the gross algae and slime that builds up in your water troughs and stock tanks can be quite harmful to your animals, if not addressed. Especially if blue-green algae starts to form. Blue-green algae can appear as either green or blue film floating on the surface of the water. Some types of blue-green algae may produce toxins that may kill or severely affect the health livestock and pets. Therefore it is critical to try and prevent these algae from developing in the first place. This type of algae is triggered by excessive phosphorous and nitrogen, warm calm water, and a lack of microscopic organisms that feed on algae and keep algal levels under control. 

There have also been many studies that show clean drinking water not only is better for your animals, but it has direct positive effects on the growth, lactation and overall health of your animals.  So if you could ensure your animals drinking water was clean and clear all the time without costing you lots of money and time wouldn't you do something about it?! Absolutely you would! That's why Stock Tank Defense was formulated in the first place.  This product is so simple, all you do is apply the recommended amount to your stock tanks in warm weather conditions, and it will eat away the debris and algae that have accumulated. It has been specially formulated to be safe for horses, livestock and wildlife. It is made with a natural beneficial bacteria that simply eats away the slime, which leaves your animals drinking water clean and clear. Now doesn't that sound like the best of both worlds! Now you will have that much more time to do the million other things you need to do on your farm, without having to constantly worry if your animals' water is safe to drink!

One of our customers reached out to us to tell us how amazing this product worked for her horses. Her animals always seemed to be coughing, and the water trough was full of a bacteria that made the water rancid; therefore the horses drank very minimally. However, after applying the Stock Tank Defense, the bacteria was removed, and the water was clean and clear. Her horses started drinking way more water, and stopped coughing! Her only complaint was that she now had to fill the trough more often as the horses kept drinking it so quickly! Go check out our testimonial section to read it for yourself! 





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