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Why do we recommend blocking the Sun's Rays in Your Pond?

Posted on November 23 2019

Why do we recommend blocking the Sun's Rays in Your Pond?

During our cold dark winters in Canada, we long for our long for our sunny summer days. The sun's rays are an integral part of life as we along with plants and animals need it to grow and thrive.  This is true in ponds and dugouts too!  The suns UV light fuel the growth of aquatic vegetation such as algae and submerged aquatic weeds. 

Sometimes this growth is undesirable as we want the water to remain clear and algae and weed free.  There is a series of treatments that we recommend to help remediate the algae and aquatic weeds which include reducing nutrients and muck and increasing dissolved oxygen.  Pond Dye is another tool that we recommend to help slow the growth. It is a food grade additive that will break down after 4-6 weeks.   It comes in blue, black or twilight and is absolutely gorgeous! We have been told by our customers that is one of the most beautiful pond dye on the market! Order yours today!


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