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What are people saying about MUCK AWAY?

Posted on February 12 2019

What are people saying about MUCK AWAY?

Does Muck Away Really Work?


It is no secret that Muck Away is one of our top sellers year after year. Why? Because it works!  We have seen the results first hand in ponds that our sister company has treated using Muck Away. Concrete bottom ponds are one of the easiest to see the results, as you can see the muck be eaten away in a circular pattern around the muck away pellets, which then shows the clean concrete where the muck used to be.

We are always curious to know where our customers are trying the Muck Away and what the results are. The majority of them are using Muck Away in dugouts, swim ponds and lake shores and they are thrilled with the results!  Customers have reported that where there was once weeds and muck, it is now just a gravel bottom and they are happy to walk there. 

This customer had lakefront property. They treated their lake shore with  Muck Away every 2-3 weeks (1 scoop(1/2lb) treats 1000 sq/ft.) The water level of the lake dropped, and the evidence appeared! They took pictures of their site, up and down the beach and the results were amazing.


muck reduction 2muck reduction 1

muck reduction results

When Muck Away is combined with fine-bubble aeration the results are even more significant due to the dissolved oxygen coming in contact with the muck at the bottom. Dissolved oxygen speeds up the beneficial bacteria processes and releases the build-up of gas at the bottom of the waterbody.


How Does It Work?

MuckAway is formulated with various strands of beneficial aerobic bacteria. This bacteria is designed to quickly digest organic debris like fish waste, leaves, twigs, plant decay and organic runoff that accumulate and form pond muck without harming your pond or its inhabitants. The MuckAway breaks down these organics and converts it to an odourless gas that is released out of the waterbody completely unnoticed. It is delivered in a powerful tablet designed to sink to the bottom of the pond, taking the fight to pond mucks doorstep. This product is entirely natural and therefore when used in accordance with label directions it is completely safe for your fish, plants, pets and pond wildlife.


Don't Get Stuck In Muck

MuckAway is excellent for removing pond muck from high traffic beach areas and lake shorelines where you love to walk and swim so you can feel sand between your toes instead of pond muck. By reducing excess nutrients and muck from your pond, MuckAway eradicates pond odours, helps slow weed growth and keeps your pond water clear and balanced


4 Tips for Maximum Muck Removal

Muck Away does a number on muck. The special blend of beneficial aerobic bacteria digests organic debris (a.k.a. muck), improves water clarity and eliminates noxious odours. The precision-release pellets are easy to use, and they're perfect for battling built-up sludge anywhere in the pond. To get the most from a MuckAway application, follow these four tips:

  1. Disburse Evenly:
    Whether you're using MuckAway near the shoreline or across the entire pond, the pellets will need to be spread evenly across the treatment area. Plan to use one scoop per 1,000 square feet.
  2. Use a Boat:
    If you are treating the entire pond or lake, consider using a boat for uniform MuckAway dispersal. Individual tablets that are spread very far apart (tossed from the shore) will not have as dramatic an impact on muck as those that are densely and evenly distributed.
  3. Consider MuckAway TL:
    A large pond or lake may need the super sludge-busting power of Airmax MuckAway TL Pond Muck Reducer. When used as directed, it's designed to break down 2 inches of muck per month!
  4. Combine Forces:
    When contending with water clarity issues, use PondClear Beneficial Bacteria water soluble packets to clean and clear the water column, and MuckAway or MuckAway TL to break down the sunken muck around often-used areas, like the pond perimeter and beach areas.

Increase the effectiveness of MuckAway and MuckAway TL by raking out any large, long-to-decompose debris from the pond. Removing this extra material allows those aerobic beneficial bacteria to target the fine debris that's difficult to remove.

Aeration is also key to helping bacteria be more effective at battling muck. The moving, aerated water provides both oxygen and circulation, which creates an ideal environment for MuckAway or MuckAway TL to flourish.


How to Take a Muck Measurement?

Determine a location on your waterbody where muck is present. Use a meter stick or other measuring tool that you can push into the muck. Place the measuring stick gently on top of the muck and record the depth, then push the measuring stick into the muck until you can feel the hard bottom. Ensure you don't push the measuring device through any clay liners or bottom material that may be present in the water body. Then record this depth, subtract the two measurements and this is your muck depth! Do this before applying Muck Away and then complete this process in approximately the same location at the end of the season to determine how much muck was eaten away.


Where do Aquatic Weeds Grow?

Aquatic weeds grow in the muck at the bottom of a lake, pond or dugout.  Since muck is nutrient-rich, aquatic weeds thrive in these environments.  Therefore the less muck, the less aquatic weeds!


Reduce Leeches!

Leeches love to live in the muck and weeds along your lakeshore or in your pond. Rid the area of muck, and subsequently, the leeches will disappear.

Muck Away is safe for use in Canada, is DSL listed and is environmentally friendly.



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