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Set Up your SWIM POND or Dugout for Success!

Posted on April 22 2021

Set Up your SWIM POND or Dugout for Success!

Every pond is unique and can respond differently to the proposed treatment plan. We have several clients that have developed their ponds for swimming and other recreation. There are a few things in our opinion that you to consider whether you are building a new pond or treating an existing one.

Existing Pond

  1.  Know your depth – if you plan to swim in a pond, it is good to know how deep the pond is and what is on the bottom.
  2.  Know how much muck has accumulated on the bottom – if the muck is deep, it can pose as a hazard. Its presence is associated with aquatic weeds.
  3.  Know how much weed growth is present – it is recommended to clear the area of weeds where you will be swimming as swimmers can become tangled. You can target just the area that you plan to swim in and leave the rest of the pond.
  4. Test for E.coli, blue-green algae toxins in the water to ensure the levels are safe.

Building a Pond

  1.  Depth is critical to the success of your pond. Many ponds have been built very shallow, creating frustration for the owners. Aquatic weed can take over the pond when it is shallow. Go deep and save yourself a big headache down the road 
  2. Size – when creating a swimming pond, you really don’t need a massive pond (depth is more important overall). Keep in mind a smaller pond costs less to maintain in the long run
  3. Rubber liner vs clay bottom – in our opinion, clay is better. Make sure you get a good seal with quality clay or bentonite. Rubber liner is very expensive and can puncture easily. It is great for back yard water gardens and koi ponds but not larger ponds
  4. Slope – make sure at least one part of the pond has a nice easy entry so the swimmer can exit easily if they run into trouble
  5. Proactive equipment – install a fine bubble subsurface aeration right from the get-go! Remember not all aeration systems are created equal and need to be sized appropriately. Call us for recommendations.
  6. Proactive treatments – use environmentally friendly treatments that enhance water quality and biodiversity. Beneficial bacteria are not all the same as the species, and the amount in each gram has a huge impact on the success in your pond.

Our company specializes in pond remediation, and we have tried and tested many treatments to determine the most effective solutions. Call or email us anytime with questions, as we are happy to recommend solutions for your pond or dugout! 877-745-6898


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