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Maintaining Your Water Aeration System

Posted on October 13 2021

Maintaining Your Water Aeration System


Maintenance on Aeration Systems is at Times Overlooked or Forgotten About. 


It’s a shame because, just like your car, your aeration system requires maintenance to ensure the longevity of the system. Taking the time to clean and maintain your aeration system will save money and headaches in the future. 

For today’s blog, we've put together a helpful resource to help you determine how and what maintenance you need to perform on your water aeration system. Discover whether it’s time to change your filter, order a maintenance kit, or to clean your diffuser sticks below. 



The Airmax aeration systems have 2 filters on their systems, one on the cabinet and one on the compressor.

The black filter on the cabinet is reusable and should be cleaned regularly. We recommend having a spare on hand so you can easily switch them out. This way you can wash and dry the spare until the next change out.

The white finned filter on the compressor however should be checked regularly and changed when it gets dusty. It depends on the environment that the cabinet is located in on how dusty the filter will get.  Clean air will prolong the life of your compressor.  

Clean filters are critical to keep your system operating well as they are the lungs of the system and without it your motor could burn out prematurely. The two filters on the Airmax aeration systems:

  1. The first is on the cabinet and can be easily cleaned and replaced.
  2. The second is on the compressor and should be inspected and changed regularly. There are three types of filters: 


The amount of dust in the environment where your compressor and cabinet are located will impact how often your filters need to be changed. We typically recommend that you change your filters every one to three months. 


Find the right filter for your aeration system here on Pond Supply 


Piston Compressor Water Aeration Maintenance & Rebuild Kit 

Most of the Airmax aeration systems are rocking piston and the shallow water system are a bladder compressor. All of them require maintenance kits every 12-18 months of operation. Here's a quick summary to help you easily find what maintenance kit is needed for your system.

Airmax® SilentAir™ LR25 Maintenance Kit for LR25 Diaphragm Compressors 


Airmax® SilentAir™ LR50 Maintenance Kit for LR50 Diaphragm Compressors 


Airmax® SilentAir™ RP25 (74R) 1/4 HP Maintenance Kit for RP25 Rocking Piston Compressors 


Airmax® SilentAir™ RP25 (87R) 1/4 HP Maintenance Kit for RP25 Rocking Piston Compressors 


Airmax® SilentAir™ RP33 (71R) 1/3 HP Maintenance Kit (For Models Before 2011) For RP33 Rocking Piston Compressors 


Airmax® SilentAir™ RP33 (82R) 1/3 HP Maintenance Kit for RP33 Rocking Piston Compressors 


Airmax® SilentAir™ RP50 (72R) 1/2 HP Maintenance Kit for RP50 Rocking Piston Compressors 


Airmax® SilentAir™ RP50 (87R) 1/2 HP Maintenance Kit for RP50 Rocking Piston Compressors 


Airmax® SilentAir™ RP75 (72R) 3/4 HP Maintenance Kit for RP75 Rocking Piston Compressors 


Is it time to perform maintenance on your aeration system? Find the kit you need here!


ProAir 2 & ProAir 4 Diffuser Maintenance - Diffuser Sticks & Sleeves 

We recommend inspecting and/or cleaning the membrane diffuser sticks every 24-36 months. If you ever notice that there’s a reduction in bubbles from the diffuser, then that’s a tell-tale sign that it’s time to inspect and/or clean. To clean, use Airmax D-Scale Cleaner and a soft cloth. 

ProAir Membrane Diffuser Sticks are designed to replace the air stones found on older Airmax Aeration Systems.

These high-performance pond diffuser membranes are virtually maintenance free and easily screw into your existing ProAir 2 or ProAir 4 Diffuser Plate. Each Membrane Diffuser Stick measures 6" in length and is 1.5" in diameter. Membrane Diffuser Sticks should not be used in combination with Airmax Air Stone Diffusers on the same aeration system. 


If you have any other questions about ProAir 2 or ProAir Diffuser, don’t hesitate to call us, reach out by email, or message us on Facebook!  


Replacement Parts – Compressor


Airmax® ProAir™2 Diffuser Plate Replacement Parts 

  • Diffuser Membrane Stick 
    • Diffuser Membrane Sleeve 
    • Retainer Ring 
  • Diffuser Sled 
  • Check Valve Assembly 
  • 5/8" x 3/4" (Barb x MPT)  &  3/8" x 3/4" (Barb x MPT) 
  • Stainless Hose Clamp 


Airmax® ProAir™4 Diffuser Plate Replacement Parts 

  • Diffuser Membrane Stick 
    • Diffuser Membrane Sleeve 
    • Retainer Ring 
  • Diffuser Manifold Handle Assembly 
  • Diffuser Sled 
  • Check Valve Assembly 
  • 5/8" x 3/4" (Barb x MPT)  &  3/8" x 3/4" (Barb x MPT) 


Find your compressor's replacement parts here at Pond Supply


Replacement Parts – Diffuser


Airmax® 2" Pressure Gauge for All RP Series Piston Compressors 

It’s important that your pressure gauge is functioning properly so that it can measure the back pressure and monitor your Rocking Piston Compressor's performance. 


Airmax® Airflow Manifold Assembly - Replacement Plate Regulator 

The Airmax Airflow Manifold Assembly is a replacement plate regulator used for Airmax Aeration Systems. Each manifold assembly fits onto a single compressor. 

All Airmax Manifold Assemblies include: 

  1. Single Manifold 
  2. Chrom Ball Valve(s) 
  3. Braided hose sleeve(s) 
  4. Airline Disconnects OR gator locks per airline for easy hookup and removal 

The Airflow Manifold Assembly for the SW20-40HP, PS10-PS40, PS80 and LS60 systems also includes: 

  1. A pressure relief valve  
  2. A pressure gauge 


Pressure Relief Valve 25 psi - Fits All RP Series Piston Compressors 

Ensure your pressure relief valve is working as it’s a safeguard and will protect your RP Series Rocking Piston Compressor. 


Airmax® Replacement Capacitor for Rocking Piston Compressors 

There are Two Types of Capacitors: 

  1. RP25 & RP50 (87R) Capacitor 
  2. RP75 (72R) Capacitor 

    It may be time to replace your capacitor when your compressor will no longer start without assistance or if your capacitor wiring is frayed, worn or has a poor connection. Extend the life of your compressor by using replacement Airmax Capacitors. 



    Certified Technicians - Service Centre of Canada

    We are an Airmax Service Center with trained technicians that can inspect and repair your Airmax aeration compressor and  Airmax floating fountains.  Either ship or drop your system off for inspections, maintenance kit installation, or for repairs. We charge an hourly rate plus parts if required.  

    We can help you troubleshoot any issues that you might be experiencing. Call us and we'll be happy to answer your questions at 204-745-6898.


    Spring Start up  

    If your system has been sitting over the winter it is important to purge your plates in the spring to blow any condensate from the lines and muck from around the plate.  Start by turning off all but one diffuser plate and allowing all the air to go to just that one plate. It is also a good idea to pop it on and off really quickly to help clear the lines.  

    Once the lines have been cleared it is time to recalibrate the plates to ensure that they are bubbling evenly throughout the pond or lake.  

    Note: If you have more than one plate the valves will not be set the same. The deeper and longer airline will need the valve more open than the shallower and closer plates.  To ensure you system is operating at its fullest potential it is important to calibrate the plates correctly.  


    To Summarize

    Aeration maintenance is important. Here's a few points to capture what we discussed in today's blog:

    • Remember to Change your filter
    • We have maintenance kits for your aeration system - to be utilized after every 12 to 18 months of operation
    • You should inspect and clean your diffuser every two years
    • Performing these procedures will save you time and money in the future



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