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How Do I Manage Algae In My Pond?

Posted on February 16 2019

How Do I Manage Algae In My Pond?

So many of us set out on our path to building a beautiful water feature whether it be a back yard water garden with a stream or waterfall or a large dugout used for swimming and recreation. The problem is that many are not set up correctly, resulting in an overwhelming amount of maintenance. The most common complaint is algae. Algae is unsightly and can be detrimental to your water body.

Why do algae take over in bodies of water?  Excessive nutrients!  Nutrients, particularly phosphorous, is used by algae to flourish. When there are excessive nutrients, the algae will grow rapidly, producing an algal bloom. 

What can you do to reduce the algal blooms? You guessed it, reduce the nutrients! But how?  Typically, stagnant water has a higher level of nutrients as it is usually anaerobic (low dissolved oxygen)  so your first step is to install a fine-bubble aeration system .  Fine bubble aeration brings dissolved oxygen into the water, which increases the aerobic bacteria activity. Aerobic bacteria consume the nutrients and release it as a gas. It can also bind the phosphorous and remove it from the water column so that it is not available for the aquatic weeds and algae to use.

Next, applying beneficial bacteria such as Pond Clear and Muck Away helps to consume incredible amounts of nutrients. Is it safe for pets and people you ask? Yes!

Pond Dye is also useful in slowing the growth of algae. Algae require sunlight to grow. However, Pond Dye helps block the sunlight UV rays from penetrating the water column and allowing algae to grow.

Lastly, EcoBoost is like a vitamin for beneficial bacteria! If you are applying Muck Away and/or Pond Clear, the Ecoboost will help boost the process of these products!  Using this in combination with fine-bubble aeration, beneficial bacteria, and pond dye, you will have a winning combination!

Pond Treatment Before and After

Our sister company began treating this pond with the above solutions, and within a few weeks, it began to transform!


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