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Gift Ideas for the Pond Lover in you Family!

Posted on November 23 2019

Gift Ideas for the Pond Lover in you Family!

It is nearly the end of November and for many of us, our ponds and dugouts have been put to bed under a blanket of snow. This means that we are not always thinking about them when the holiday season comes around!  There are lots of items to choose from and if you time it right you can get in on some awesome Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals! 

Let's Make this easy for you! 

Best Sellers 

  • Pond Clean
  • Pond Dye
  • Muck Away
  • EcoBoost 

Back Yard Water Gardens 

  • Clarity Max
  • One Fix
  • Biological Clarifier
  • Dsolv
  • Pond dye
  • Pond Shock
  • Koi Air Aeration
  • and more

Koi and Gold Fish Care

  • Wipe Out
  • Vanish
  • Bacteria treatments
  • Pond dye
  • Dsolv

Fine Bubble Aeration

  • for dugouts
  • for small water gardens

Floating Fountains

  • 1/2 HP
  • 1 HP
  • 2 HP
  • LED coloured lights

Cast Landscape Lighting

  • uplighting
  • down lighting
  • cross lighting
  • deck lighting
  • and more

Farm and Septic Treatments

  • cattle waterers
  • horse waterers
  • septic tanks


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