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5 Great Reasons to Have a Swim Pond

Posted on January 05 2020

5 Great Reasons to Have a Swim Pond

Ahh, those lazy days of summer when the sun is high and humidity is unbearable. There is nothing better than having your own back yard pond to take a dip it to cool down! If you set it up properly and proactively maintain it you can have an amazing swim pond. 

Reasons to have a swim pond your back yard:

  1. Convenience - there is nothing better than your own backyard to take a dip in. No need to drive to a pool or beach just kick back in your favorite lawn chair on your own private beach!

  2. Bonus view - even when you are not swimming the pond becomes a beautiful focal point!
  3. Help the environment - backyard water bodies are great for the environment! It increases biodiversity for many species of birds, amphibians, invertebrates, animals and so on!
  4. Great gathering spot - provides an awesome place to enjoy time with family and friends. Relax on the shore while kids swim and play in the water. 
  5. Mental Health - Did you know water is calming? Water can reduce stress through sound and vision. 
It is important to set your pond up for success by implementing the appropriate treatment options.  For more information check out our blog How to Keep your Waterbody Beautiful!


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